Google Home plays Deezer tunes at the sound of your voice

© Provided by Engadget Google Home doesn’t have a huge range of on-demand music services on offer (Google’s services and Spotify are your biggest choices), but you can add one to the list today. Deezer has launched Home support for its streaming music service, giving listeners in several countries a hands-free music source if they’re not fans of the larger providers. The stand-out is voice control over Deezer’s semi-automatic Flow playlist — you can tell Home to “play your Flow” and get a highly personalized playlist with very little effort.

Not surprisingly, Deezer is catering to its core European audience first: it’s starting today with support in France and Germany, while the US, UK, Australia and Canada are due later in 2017. You probably won’t rush to sign up for Deezer if you weren’t already a member, but look at it this way: few music services outside of the majors work with voice-guided speakers, so this could be a reason to stick to Deezer if you were thinking of jumping ship.


from Google Home plays Deezer tunes at the sound of your voice


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