I rarely react to negativity but… – Kris Aquino


HINDI napigilan ni Kris Aquino ang sarili na sagutin ang isang netizen na nag-comment ng, “You’re just whining girl at your essence of entertainment is fading.”

KRIS copy

Dahil ito sa ipinost niya na, “It Is During The Worst Times of Your Life That You Will Get To See the True Colors Of The People Who Say They Care For You.”

Sagot ni Kris: “OMG hindi mo naintindihan — nag-THANK YOU nga ako — kung may issues ako dapat pinangalanan ko lahat ng nakinabang sa ‘kin and sa pamilya namin nu’ng nakapuwesto kami and now nag-disappear na. I was thanking those who never made me question their love and loyalty. I personally THANKED people I won’t name via calls, cards, flowers & texts because my sister Pinky told me to remember everyone who stuck it out with me from May 2016 until today… By all means UNFOLLOW me or never comment on my posts — we have DEMOCRACY. FYI check this feed carefully — so much hatred has been thrown our way BUT we’ve held on to our faith and dignity. I rarely react to negativity BUT I do react to lack of comprehension.”

Samantala, ipinost ni Kris ang report sa The Hollywood Reporter tungkol sa kanya at sa gagawin niyang show sa iflix.

Ipinost din niya ang link para sa mga gustong makabasa ng item.

“Thrilling-because of @iflix.ph was actually mentioned in #thehollywoodreporter (Super happy for my friends at iflix for the $133M fresh funding infusion & great job @pldt/pldthome for being the first investor in iflix-the streaming service for emerging markets).

Source: Balita

from I rarely react to negativity but… – Kris Aquino


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