Pinoy Aquaman ready for English channel challenge

Ingemar Macarine UK challenge © Screen shot Ingemar Macarine Facebook account Ingemar Macarine UK challenge

Ingemar Macarine, who is also known as the Pinoy Aquaman, aims to be the first Filipino open swimmer to cross the English Channel on Sunday.

Macarine, a lawyer at the Commission on Elections (Comelec) in Bohol, told GMA News Online that he is ready for the latest challenge.

“I’m adjusting well to the cold water. I arrived here 2 weeks ago for acclimatization training,” he said.

“But at first it was a challenge because I’m used to swimming in the Philippines with a water temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. The water temperature right now here in Dover is 16 degrees Celsius. Air temperature is even colder. It’s 15 degrees Celsius,” he added.

A native of Surigao, Macarine said this is his first attempt to cross the English Channel with a distance of 34 kilometers or 21 miles as he was not able to perform the challenge last year due to bad weather.

“The 21-mile English Channel is considered as the Mount Everest for open water swimmers,” he said, adding that 7 Filipinos conquered Mount Everest but the English Channel is yet to be crossed by a Pinoy.

Macarine said the swim will start on Sunday at 9:30 a.m. (Philippine time) and can be watched via Facebook Live.

“I will swim nonstop for probably 15 hours (from) UK to France,” he said.

He pledges to abide by the rules of the Channel Swimming Association (CSA), including wearing only regular swimming trunks, a pair of swimming goggles, and one swimming cap.

Macarine has asked for prayers from his countrymen in his latest endeavor.

“I am asking from our kababayans in the Philippines to pray for good weather and a successful swim since I am doing this to promote clean seas, Philippine tourism and international friendship,” he said.

Earlier this year, Macarine conquered Hudson River in New York wherein he swan nonstop for 49 minutes from  Newburgh-Beacon Bridge to Bannerman Island, covering a distance of 8.4 kilometers.

Last month he swam nonstop for 8 hours from Argao town in Cebu to Cabilao Island in Loon town in Bohol covering a distance of at least 18.15 kilometers. — with Leo Udtohan/BAP, GMA News

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